Round 16 – 2022

Uni just keep rolling as the league side extended their win streak to nine in a row against Bassendean. A successful day across saw the club returning six wins, including the treble at Jubilee Reserve.

Back at home, the Stormers downed Kingsley in comfortable fashion as the Peacocks kept Swan Athletic scoreless in their second-last game of the season. The Brett Jones colts recorded a comfortable win while the Laurie Keene boys fell ten points short against top of the table Mosman Park.

The Dingoes took advantage of blustery conditions, adding another scratch the win tally followed by an interrupted game for the Pirates who fell to top of the table Noranda.

Next week, the Women will play their final game of the regular season with the Peacocks in need of a win and other results to go their way to qualify for finals. The A-stream will have a week off to rest their legs while the lower grades will be on the road again.

Steinepreis Paganin A-Grade

University 16.11 107 defeated Bassendean 3.9 27

The league side extended their win streak to 9 with an 80 point victory over Bassendean. It was another week with numerous changes due to unavailability and injury, but the team knew what had to be done to get the 4 points out at Jubilee Reserve after another week of wet weather.

The side started well from the first bounce, controlling the pace of the game and maintaining good defensive pressure. Defender’s Ben Culloton and Jake Conti stepped up in the absence of captain Tim O’Hara as they constantly repelled any attacking movements from Bassendean, even adding plenty of rebound on the counter attack. Best friends Nate Blakely and Leigh Kohlman were amongst the goals, kicking 3 and 6 respectively as they both provided a presence up forward for our midfield to look for.

The most pleasing aspect of the game was the consistent effort. The side has shown a lot of willingness to compete from start to finish. This game was another step in the right direction as we entered the bye sitting third on the ladder behind CBC Fremantle.

We look ahead to North Fremantle at Gil Fraser, as the team sets themselves for two critically important games, which will determine our finals hopes.

Goals: Kohlman 6, Blakely, 3, Mckay, Davies, Barton, Silk, Miller, R. Donaldson, Trombetta

Best: Blakely, Conti, Miller, Kohlman, Davies, B. Culloton

The Run Home:
This week: Bye
R17: North Fremantle @ Gil Fraser Reserve
R18: West Coast Cowan @ Home

4 Pines A-Reserves

University 8.12 60 defeated Bassendean 3.4 22

The Reserves have continued our winning ways with a business like 38-point win over Bassendean on Saturday.  With 8 changes to the side that toppled Scarborough the week before there was some risk attached to the contest given Basso pushed us right to the line last time we played.

Coach Shine’s mantra of “Just Win Baby” was permeating through the boys’ ears as they ran out onto a ground that had been saturated in the Colts game beforehand. From the outset, it was tough to get any form of ascendancy. Troy Cullo was playing a trying role in the ruck, with a returning Frosty the Snowman proving dangerous in the mids and Nifty accumulating possessions like a Melbourne supporter purchases RM Williams products, yet a few missed chances only saw us take an 8-point lead into the first break. Of note from the first was Slippy Cats unreal goal from the pocket, spinning out of a tackler, settling and jailing it (bearing in mind he was doubling up on the day).

Also fair to say the first quarter had one of the great moments of the season. The lionhearted Coach McAuliffe with a stunning dash on the far wing found himself in some space. Now one would assume you’d steady yourself and find the short target, but in an attempt to gain further territory the Coach has attempted an 85 metre torp that has fallen directly into the arms of the waiting Basso defender. Truly a remarkable sequence and one the Coach may be hearing about for the next few weeks. 

After a clerical error at the start of the second, from there though we were resolute in defence with Wads playing a critical role down back winning many contests. We also got on top more around the ground, Sammy Garstone coming into his element at centre half forward and being a great target. 

Carrying a 3-goal lead into half time we knew the job wasn’t done. This attitude was on full display with a 3-goal to 1 goal quarter ultimately swinging the game in our favour. Garstone and Quincey proved a dangerous combo again, with Denty taking some very nice clunks in the conditions. 

The Macedonian Marvel was brilliant in the third which was encapsulated by one moment. Con had about 3/4 repeat efforts, eventually got clean possession and had a forward 50 entry which had Quincey Howard waiting on the other end. Notably, the efforts were in front of the bench, always the best place to do your work.

Otherwise, Frosty continued to demonstrate his value in the midfield group and we ran out eventual 38-point winners.

It was a solid performance all things considered from the boys and proves another critical victory. Despite sitting sixth, that is now 8.5 out of the last 10 games (loss against Beach and a draw against Curtin). It is a testament to the boys to get themselves into the position we find ourselves now. 

We get a weekend off before we come back against an always difficult North Freo down at Gil Fraser. Once again, if we apply ourselves, I am sure we will be in a position to come away with a W.

Come on you Poodles.

Goals – Garstone & Quincey (3); Darcy & Slippy (1).

 Votes – Frosty (5); Con & Garstone (4); Cullo (3); Wads & Quincey (2); Denty & Nifty (1). 

The Run Home:
This week: Bye
R17: North Fremantle @ Gil Fraser Reserve
R18: West Coast Cowan @ Home

Phil Scott Colts

University 8.10 58 defeated Bassendean 4.10 34

The Run Home:
This week: Bye
R17: North Fremantle @ Gil Fraser Reserve
R18: West Coast Cowan @ Home

Crossing Law A-Grade Women Stormers

University 6.6 42 defeated Kingsley 1.1 7

The Run Home:
R16: Rossmoyne @ Shelley Reserve

Brewhub C4-Grade Pirates

University 3.5 23 defeated Noranda 4.14 38

The Pirates took on the ladder-leading Noranda who have been the benchmark for the competition all year. The message from the coaches was simple, to go in hard from the first contest and back our skills in against the more experienced side, or in Pirate terms “All Hand Hoy!”

Quarter one started as expected, with both sides approaching the contest with tenacity, leading to an arm-wrestle in the difficult conditions. 15 minutes in to the quarter saw a strong tackle resulting in a bad concussion to a Noranda player, pausing the match for an extended period while an ambulance was called.

From this point, the umpires and both teams agreed to shorten the match due to the long delay and 15 minute quarters were set for the remainder of the day. At this point, Uni were down to two on the bench so were happy with the adjustment.

Noranda responded to the restart in the second quarter better than Uni and were able to wrestle some ascendency back in the contest. Late in the quarter, the side started to get some pace on the contest, finally getting a return for effort late with Justy marking strongly and converting to give some confidence to the group.

The message from the coaches at the half was to Weigh Anchor and Hoist the Mizzen, with nothing to lose in the match. To the crews credit, they responded with enthusiasm, going off like a ship in search of Davey Jones’ Locker but again, were not able to capitalise on their chances.

The game didn’t open up until the last quarter but it was too little too late as Uni weren’t able to convert in to the strong breeze as Noranda peppered the goals and battened down the hatches.

With only two games left for the season, the side have their backs against the wall in their finals qualification attempt, requiring two wins against strong opponents to clinch a spot. A number of first-choice Pirate crew will be returning this weekend as the side travels down the freeway again.

The Run Home:
R17: Forrestdale @ William Skeet Oval
R18: North Fremantle @ Home

BDO C4-Reserves Dingoes

University 24.12 156 defeated Noranda 1.3 9

The matchup against Noranda had plenty of buzz surrounding it, with the fixture coinciding with the Birthday of Dingoes skipper Big Al. The match started with the dingoes leaping out of the gates, with Harps not missing a beat in his first game back from injury. This domination continued for the rest of the game, with silver service from ruckman Sam Butler allowing Uni midfielders such as the returning Daniel Goodliffe to charge through the middle of the ground with dominance.

It was a four quarter performance in the end, with the dingoes coming out as 147 point victors. This is exactly the type of result coach Dylan Evans would have been looking for, with the Dingoes set to play Forrestdale away from home next week in a crucial top 4 clash.

The Run Home:
R17: Forrestdale @ William Skeet Oval
R18: North Fremantle @ Home

Subi Hotel Laurie Keene Colts C-Gulls

University 6.4 40 defeated by Mosman Park 7.8 50 

The Gulls set themselves for a top of the table clash and came up 10 points short to a Mosman Park outfit who were more consistent over the day. 

The boys were fired up and started well, with Ginni Miller (who hasn’t received a free kick since he bleached his hair) snapping truly to get the first major on the board. 

For the rest of the half Mossy adapted to the conditions better, beating us at the coal face and looking more dangerous and direct in transition. We went into the half down by 15 and if it wasn’t for our gangly and deceptively quick vice-captain that would’ve been a lot larger. Left as the last man in defence a bunch of times, Kirky stood up with inspirational chase down tackles, sliding goal saves and lunging spoils. 

The second half was an improvement, with the midfield lifting their contest and ground ball work significantly and most of the game was played in our forward half. However, a combination of great Mossy pressure and a lack of composure at times saw the margin extended to 17 after a goal apiece in the term. 

We looked a chance to pinch the 4 points early in the last, with the first two goals of the quarter coming in a flurry, including a big time, long-range bomb from Ric. Our ball movement was far improved, but it was too little too late as Mossy kicked a steadier and walked away victors and with a firm grip on top spot.

Luckily, an immediate chance for redemption presents itself, with next week’s matchup against Quinns likely to decide who finishes top 2. 

Best – Kirk, Holder, Moore, Rohr, O’Dea, Greenland

Goals – Greenland 2, Holder, Miller, Brogan, Randal

The Run Home:
R17: Quinns District @ Ridgewood Park
R18: Swan Valley @ Swan Valley Oval

Brett Jones Colts 

University 12.15 87 defeated Swan Athletic 2.3 15

The Yumbo Puppies took on the winless Swan Athletic this week as we were extended the opportunity/privilege to play on MCG1. From the jump the Pups took control of the midfield battle, lead by Noah Sturgeon and Charlie George, who looked like a man among boys, parting the proverbial sea as he danced through traffic and delivered countless inside 50s. 

Restricting the opposition to limited inside 50s, Will ‘Wookie’ Coutts and Dan ‘A Colt’ O’Loughlin repelled all 7 of Swan Ath’s attacking efforts. Their valiant efforts were in vain however, as Adam ‘White Lightning’ Prowse decided to take on 3 opposing forwards directly in front of goal, resulting in a free kick and a significant stain on both his new long sleeve jersey and self-esteem.

Our dominance around the ground was negated by wayward goal kicking, a result of strong winds and rain as well as a forward line with an average height of 5’8. Tasked with levelling our goal and behind tally in the final quarter, the boys responded with a 5 goal quarter, kicking truely to bury the opposition.

As we head to finals, we must find a way to turn our performances from good to great, re-finding our signature brand of football and stopping our reliance on individual talent to win games.

Best – George, O’Loughlin, Sturgeon, Harvey, Mollison, Braddock

The Run Home:
R17: Kalamunda @ Ray Owen Reserve
R18: North Fremantle @ Home

Steinepreis Paganin C2-Grade Peacocks

University 1.8 14 defeated Swan Athletic 0.0 0

It was “one for the history books,” (as Swan Athletic’s captain claimed) down at McGilvray on Saturday morning as the Peacocks fought their way through the mud, wind and rain to a slightly less stressful win this week.
After delaying their on-field warm up by a few minutes to avoid getting absolutely drenched before the game even started for the second week in a row, the Cocks were off to a promising start with most of the first quarter being played in their forward fifty on the northern end of the oval.
Some great structure and promising kicks in from the half forwards / mids meant there were PLENTY of opportunities for the forwards to kick it through the big ones, which they did on multiple occasions. HOWEVER… unfortunately no one told the Peacocks forwards that Swan Athletics’ back line were actually octopuses with extendable arms (or so it seemed) as I swear like 15 goals (2 goals) were touched on their way through. A missed set shot and an attempted check side banana also went through the less big sticks to put the Cocks up by 5 points at quarter time.
The second quarter of the game also saw the ball spend the majority of its time in the forward fifty on the northern side of the oval, but thankfully some safe marks and big clearing kicks from the back line kept Swan Athletic scoreless despite the ball’s seeming preference for that side of the field. No scores were taken from either team in this quarter so it was honestly kinda boring but I’m sure the midfielders did some good stuff probably.
Another side swap and quarter number 3 saw some more points go through (I think)  and a bit of rain which was cold and not nice. Desperation started to set in as the siren went once again without a goal for either team.
In quarter 4, it was looking like another goalless game for the Cocks as ANOTHER attempted snap by some new team member who thinks she’s JK or something got their lead up to 8 points which felt a bit better ‘cause it meant we were at least over a goal’s worth but like jeez could you not get at least one of them in? The call was finally answered when a quick and clever handball from Christabel Cole into the arms of Kim Powell meant she could quickly kick it through before any more extendo arms could reach out and FINALLY. Six big ones.
A few minutes later the siren sounded and the Cocks came away with the win, only to be subject to the saltiest “hip hip hoorays” ever heard in football history (one for the books indeed).
I’m still trying to figure out what the hell the Cocks did to piss off an entire team so bad but hey. A win’s a win and we turn our attention forward to our last game for the season and the last look at finals entry. Let’s get it girrrrrls.

The Run Home:
R16: Ocean Ridge @ Heathridge Park