Round 10 – 2022

The Uni Footy club acknowledged the life of Laef Allen during the annual mental health round for the season. The club took a step back from the usual weekly routine to remember Laef and raise awareness for Mental Health.

On Thursday night, the Women Teams joined the A-Stream Men for training, joining forces in a memorable session. This coming together for the first time was a fantastic initiative and will be here to stay for future years. After the fun session, all grades met in the AJ for dinner and to listen to a guest speaker. Brad Robbins, a former Perth Wildcat, spoke to the group about his own mental health journey and shared some tips on ways to identify Mental Illness and look after your mates. Thanks to Brad from a Stitch in Time for the visit!

On Saturday, each grade heard the story of Laef Allen before their games, taking time to reflect and remember what is important in life. Each player wore Blue socks and made a small donation to Beyond Blue – with the club raising over $2,500 for the charity.

On-field it was another successful day with 6 wins from 8 games as the C-Gulls opposition forfeited the game.

Steinepreis Paganin A-Grade

University 8.10 58 defeated Fremantle CBC 5.13 43

The league continued their good run of form with a 3rd straight victory over CBC by 15 points at Morris Buzzacott. We welcomed back dynamic midfielder and vice-captain Ben Miller who missed the last year with a syndesmosis injury and also Isaac Barton who missed a couple of weeks with minor injury. 

The first half was a grind, with unfavourable conditions causing most of the play to be caught over one side of the ground. Overall the side showed consistent effort with good intent to move the ball the way we wanted. CBC were able to match our intensity and kept a one goal lead for the duration of the half. Back Pocket Max Mussared and his best friend Ben Culloton were resolute in defence, showing off their ability to play lock down. 

In the second half Uni sprung into action, kicking 3 goals to 1 in the third term. Midfielders Ryan Murphy and Isaac Barton were lively, allowing Uni to give constant supply to our forwards. Ryan Donaldson patrolled the half forward line, producing his best game of the season. Uni managed to control the last quarter, with wayward kicking (1.6) the only dampener in what was a great 4 quarter effort. Coach Simon McDonald particularly highlighted the contested effort from Chaz Flint who put his body on the line to secure a loose ball. This effort in the last few minutes showed our willingness to compete until the final siren. We face off against a red hot North Beach, who will be a great test to see how our footy stacks up against the best.

Best: Barton, Murphy, R. Donaldson, Mussared, Culloton, Evans, Kohlman

Goals: Kohlman 3, Blakey, Lake, R. Donaldson, Q. Donaldson, Murphy

4 Pines A-Reserves

University 5.9 39 defeated Fremantle CBC 3.3 21

The Reserves have secured their fourth straight victory with a 3-goal victory against CBC on Saturday afternoon. The Reserves have had a notable improvement in performances over recent weeks but were coming up against a 3rd place CBC who have taken some major scalps over the course of this season. 

The inclusions of Tommy Doggart, President Colvin, Worm Snr, Tommy Bertola and the Italian Stallion made for a very strong line-up but as Coach Shine has insisted all year the game isn’t played on paper, it’s played on grass. Pre-game Coach McAuliffe challenged the boys to be up for the contest from the outset and play with “gumption”, a catch-cry for the remainder of the day.

The first quarter was a strong display from the Uni boys (probably one of our better displays for the year) but were not rewarded for their efforts with the men from Fremantle holding a narrow lead at the first break. In the first quarter, strong displays from Tommy Gaj and the returning Bertola were significant in setting the tone.

The second quarter played out similarly to the first, with CBC missing an important chance on the siren to extend their lead at the main break. Morf was rock solid down back, bearing in mind that he was into his sixth quarter of football on the day having played colts earlier. Overall, the coaches were happy with the efforts, but encouraged the boys to maintain their pressure, which to this point had been outstanding.

In the third quarter, the team lifted with the Stallion and Troy kicking important ones to wrestle back momentum our way. This coincided with another massive quarter from Gaj, Darce and Colvin who really stepped up and played an important role in the midfield containing his A grade opponent. These efforts helped us to hold a narrow 9-point lead at the final break. 

The fourth quarter we had our chances to put CBC away early but didn’t convert. But the excellent work down back of Sauce, TL, Tommy Dog and Frenchy was of high class and helped resist any late surges by CBC. Quincey Howard kicked the sealer, and we ran out victors.

 On such an important day for the club it was a terrific performance by the boys who played with a real sense of determination and “gumption”. The tackling pressure was outstanding and played a significant role in us coming away with a W.

Next week we take on Beach at home in a game that provides us an opportunity to jump back into the 5 for the first time since round 1. With the efforts we brought last weekend I have no doubts the boys will be up for the challenge.

Come on you Poodles.

Goals: Quincey (2); Troy, Donaldson & Stallion (1)

Votes: Gaj (5); Sauce & Troy (4); Morf & Pres (3); Hoppo & Quincey (2); Frenchy & Stallion (1)
Note: Dur with an additional goal/vote from the game against North Freo. 

Phil Scott Colts

University 15.9 99 defeated Fremantle CBC 6.3 39

The A Colts have once again recorded a resounding victory, this time coming against a young CBC outfit. 

We set a real focus on winning the first quarter this week as it has arguably been our only weakness of the year so far and the boys responded, even with CBC kicking the first goal in the first minute of the game. From then on it was all Uni with some really exciting link up play by hand, with Finn Maloney and Menno Inverarity leading the charge.

Defensively we were extremely solid with the whole back 8, including Oscar Armstrong back in for a cameo game, setting up all of our attack. Should also mention vice captain Angus Johnston for playing his best game of the year off the back of a few quiet weeks, but he’s finally cemented his spot in the side now which is great to see 🙂

Up forward as usual we shared the goal-kicking around with 10 individual goal-kickers on the day, with plenty of the smalls grabbing their goalscoring opportunities.

We now have our biggest test of the year in a bid to stay undefeated with North Beach this week followed by 2 more tough games in Curtin and TA’s and I know the boys will be raring for these games as our past month and a bit hasn’t really given us any challenges as of yet.

Best – Johnston, Inverarity, Love, Dickins, Maloney, Armstrong, Morfesse, Spyvee, Chadwick, Southern

Crossing Law A-Grade Women Stormers

University 3.2 20 defeated Rossmoyne Rhinos 1.2 8

UWA are under investigation by the World Conservation Union after submitting the Rossmoyne Rhinos to extinction on Saturday.

The Stormers were too fierce, too fast and too fabulous for Rossmoyne, kicking the last two goals of the game to surge to a 12 point win after a tense final term.

Goals were hard come by in the blustery conditions, UWA kicking the first of the match courtesy of Jill ‘Bootsy’ Walker’s fast thinking in the first quarter.

From there, the match descended into a tense arm wrestle as both sides failed to capitalise from patches of momentum.

And by tense, we mean Rossmoyne got more frustrated than a teenage boy during puberty and decided to lash out. Some words were shared, some confrontations were had but at the end of the day, the Stormers stuck up for our own got the last laugh.

Rossmoyne’s drew level in the final quarter, kicking the first goal to take back momentum.

But UWA hit back, Isla ‘Siz’ Holmes kicking a midair beauty on the goal line after celebrating thinking it was going to roll over and then Pip finished Rossmoyne off with a powerful torp from the boundary line.

The 3.2 (20) to 1.2 (8) win gave UWA another win over a fellow finals rival and creates a two-game buffer between the Stormers and Kingsley in fifth place.

Steinepreis C4-Grade Women Peacocks

University 0.1 1 defeated by Wanneroo 2.11 23

The annual Laef Allen Memorial Round saw the Peacocks take on Wanneroo at MCG-2. 

The Cocks contingent, which is made up of a litany of first-year players put up a strong fight against the top of the table team. The congested game saw contested ball beasts Soph W and Carla doing what they do best. Many say in sport the human body is merely a tool, the Cocks, however, used their bodies as weapons, getting their head over the ball making Dave and Jim proud. 

One quick and one lucky goal saw the visitors up at half time. However, the Peacocks didn’t drop their heads once, except for Hope who smothered a kick with her face and fell to the ground like she’d been shot, requiring a prompt escort off the field. 

The chat and physicality was moderately feisty, with one of Wanneroo’s players deliberately slapping Tracey in the face but backing it up with a polite apology. The same couldn’t be said for yours truly who got into an incident on the ground with a winger, wrestling like pigs in mud. If it wasn’t for ex Wildcat’s captain Brad Robbins presentation on ‘taming the angry ant’ during the week, I’m not sure how it would have ended.

The Cocks’ staunch defence kept the undefeated side goal-less in the second half. Resident full back, Soph ‘Sergeant’ Mac stayed true to her name, keeping her soldiers in line with marching orders. 

After what she initially thought may be a career ending ankle injury early in the fourth quarter, Carla wailed like a banshee. That was until she was awarded a free kick and bounced up like a jack-in-the-box to take it. Her kick set off a string of play that pumped the ball deep into our forward line. Meanwhile, some may have mistaken forward Bianca B for Tayla Harris after she flew high to take what some are claiming mark of the year. 

The Peacocks ended up going down to Wanneroo 0.1 – 2.11. Although we’re wary of celebrating losses, the Cocks are taking pride in how far we’ve come this season and have faith in how far we’ll go.

Most importantly, it was our full four quarter effort and determination that would have made Laef Allen proud. This round holds much significance for the UWA-FC and we thank the club for its role in highlighting the importance of mental health and suicide awareness. It’s been a week where we’ve had the opportunity to reflect, wrap our mates in tight and lift each other up. 

Brewhub C4-Grade Pirates

University 5.4 34 defeated by Fremantle CBC 8.7 55

BDO C4-Reserves Dingoes

University 8.7 59 defeated Fremantle CBC 4.3 27

Brett Jones Colts 

University 58 defeated Fremantle CBC 19

Subi Hotel Laurie Keene Colts C-Gulls

Game forfeited – Uni awarded points