Round 9 – 2022

After a well deserved week off with the league-wide bye, the footy club had a successful return to the field with 8 wins from the 9 games.

The Women took on West Coast Cowan in the much anticipated Best of the West Cup. The Peacocks started the day with a hard fought win in C2 grade while the Stormers put on a commanding performance, coming away with a 41 point win.

The colts all continued their winning ways, becoming a force to be reckoned with for the competition. The lower grades ventured south, to the picturesque North Fremantle on a large mode of transport, returning with a strong win in the Dingoes but a tough loss for the Pirates.

The Reserves and League have both started to find some form, with a couple of wins in a row building confidence in the group. The A-stream will head down to take on Fremantle CBC in the return trip, an important game in the context of the season.

Next week, the club will be holding its annual Laef Allen Round, one of the biggest rounds of the season. The round is a reminder to look after your mates and check in on each other in hard times. The club will be wearing blue socks to raise awareness and funds for Beyond Blue.

Steinepreis Paganin A-Grade

University 12.12 84 defeated North Fremantle 6.7 43

The league side continued their turn in form with a solid 39 point win over North Fremantle. With a number of key players still on the sideline, we still fielded a strong outfit on the weekend. New midfielder Isaac Barton and livewire forward Henrick Alforque were two notable absentees with Menno Inverarity and Finn Moloney also missing as they returned back to the colts. 

The first half ebbed and flowed. North Fremantle were able to control the pace of the game by hitting short targets as we struggled to get our hands on the ball. After the first quarter, Uni were able to get into the game and put it back on our terms with key forward Leigh Kohlmann showing the team why he’s leading the league in goalkicking and new recruit Ryan Murphy virtually all over the ground, collecting a heap of disposals and using it well. We entered the half time break with a 12 point lead. 

The game opened up in the second half as we peppered the forward 50 and maintained control of the game. The midfield were getting on top through veterans Dwayne Lake, Pat Donovan & Chaz Flint. We looked much more confident moving the ball at pace and using the wide expanses of McGilivray Oval. Leigh Kohlmann finished the game with 7 goals to his name, adding to his impressive stretch of form.

We were happy with even contributions across the board, and more importantly finished the game with no injuries. The league side are up against a red hot CBC Fremantle team at the fortress that is Morris Buzzacott. This will be a great test to see where we are at against one of the best sides in the competition. 

Goals: Kohlmann 7, Davies 2, Q. Donaldson 2, Trombetta

Best: Kohlmann, Flint, Murphy, Davies, Stapleton, Q. Donaldson, Lake

4 Pines A-Reserves

University 12.3 75 defeated North Fremantle 3.7 25

The Reserves have continued their mid-season form with a workmanlike 50 point win against North Fremantle at MCG1 on Saturday afternoon. Coming out of the bye the side had several changes from the team that beat West Coast a couple weeks ago, but the coaches remained confident in the group that was running out. Coach Shine took the lead in the pre-game speech and reminded the team that North Freo were a proud club and would bring pressure from the outset.

The first quarter reflected this sentiment as North Fremantle were very tough around the ball. Our midfield battled well in any case, with a resolute backline led by Colt Superstar TL commanding in his role. 

TL continued this run into the second quarter, eventually leading to North Fremantle electing to tag him – rare for a bloke playing Centre Half Back. Also, within this quarter our midfield started to take control led by Hoppo, Manta, Willo, Gaj and Darce. Cruddy was brilliant up forward, and his couple of goals helped us take a 4 goal lead at the main break. 

In the third quarter North Fremantle were noticeably more physical but our boys stuck to their game. We lifted as a group which was a pleasing sign, with the highlight of the quarter (and the game) being Lowey sneaking forward and jailing one in front of the crowd. Lowey was mobbed by his teammates as he added his 3rd career goal for the club, ironically all coming against North Fremantle. Lowey was also in the midst of playing his best game for the Ressies this year.

The final quarter came and went, we added a few more with Charlie Mitchell finding himself in some very good spots and kicking 4 for the game on return from injury. After all that we ended up running out the game winners by 50 points.

It was a very solid performance by the group which is continuing to grow week by week. We still have a few things to iron out, but it was very pleasing to see the boys play some outstanding footy. 

At the halfway mark we currently sit sixth, one game out of the 5 but with a massive opportunity in the next 4 weeks to make our mark. We play Fremantle CBC next week which presents a challenge the boys will almost certainly be up for.

 Goals: Chaz (4); Cruddy (3); Quincey (2); Darce, Gaj & Lowey

Votes: Manta (5); Lowey & Darce (4); Gaj & TL (3); Chaz, Crud and Cullo (2); Con, Hoppo & Willo

Phil Scott Colts

University 18.5 113 defeated North Fremantle 5.3 33

Brewhub C4-Grade Pirates

University 6.3 39 defeated by North Fremantle 14.9 93

The Pirates came up against an experienced North Fremantle side and were pretty comprehensively beaten. The boys started a little flat and were getting beaten at the contest and picked apart on the spread as they found themselves down by 50 points at half time. They managed to even up the contest a little bit in the second half but the damage on the scoreboard was unfortunately already done. 

Squid continued his blistering form and once again broke the C4 intercept possession record and was helped in defence by strong efforts from Hilux snr and Skaz. Blackers was strong in the ruck and around the ground whilst Klaz and Monkey toiled hard all day in the midfield. Smally provided a great target and did well to kick 3 goals from limited entries.

Despite another disappointing result, the boys had a good debrief and were able to enjoy a bus trip with the dings filled with ra cha cha’s and live jazz music that finished up at the AJ WA legends party.

The Pirates still sit in 5th at 5-4 and will have a big week on the track as they aim to get back on the winners list against CBC next week.

Goals: Smally 3, Blackers 1, Monkey 1, Justy 1

Best: Squid, Blackers, Skaz, Monkey, Hilux, Klaz, Smally

BDO C4-Reserves Dingoes

University 17.21 123 defeated North Fremantle 1.2 8

Brett Jones Colts 

University 12.6 78 defeated North Fremantle 4.7 31

Subi Hotel Laurie Keene Colts C-Gulls

University 12.9 81 defeated Coolbinia 8.7 55

Crossing Law A-Grade Women Stormers

University 7.6 48 defeated West Coast 1.1 7

The Women’s A-Grade have returned from their mid-season bye with vengeance, reclaiming the Best of the West Cup thanks to a 41-point victory over West Coast on Saturday.

Squaring up against the Tigers for the first time since 2020 after COVID cancelled last season’s scheduled meetings, the Stormers were quick to assert their dominance at City Beach Oval.

From the warm-up, UWA knew what they had to do, especially after vice-captain Lauren Bilaloski told her teammates in all seriousness as we were running back to the rooms “ideally, we have to kick some goals today” and no sh*t mate.

And those goals came in the first quarter, the Stormers wasting little time to pile on the scoreboard pressure with five goals to the half.

Mikayla ‘FIFO’ Smith quickly settled into her new quarterback role, doing her best Tom Brady impression and absolutely dominating as a spare number behind the ball and declaring at half-time, “gee that role is just pure running hey.”

Morgan ‘Eddie’ Edgar made her highly-anticipated return to action after missing the first-half of the season, making an impact at both ends of the ground, kicking a goal and picking up a cormier for her troubles.

While the Stormers’ steely defence took another massive scalp, holding West Coast to just one goal and it didn’t even come from competition-leading goal kicker Ashlee Hardisty who was quieter than Mason Cox in literally every other AFL game except finals, ANZAC Day or the Queen’s birthday.

The Tigers’ one goal did come from a pretty impressive snap over the shoulder from the boundary but girl if that’s how you have to get your goals, then okay I’ll pay it but FIFO’s snap from the boundary was a touch better for mine.

Not only does West Coast need to improve at the contest, but their banter game was way off, no sledge more embarrassing than when their water runner said “oooh where is UWA on the ladder….last???” during the final term when the Stormers were leading 7.6 (48) to 1.1 (7).

University enjoyed a well-deserved night on the beers and now look forward to a crunch clash against fellow finals contenders Rossmoyne on Saturday.

Steinepreis C4-Grade Women Peacocks

University 2.3 15 defeated West Coast 1.3 9