Round 18

For the first time in its history, the Uni Footy Club has qualified 8 teams in finals, with only the Dingoes (4th Grade) missing out on percentage.

Unfortunately the A-Grade Women’s Stormers were narrowly eliminated in their final last week but with a host of wins on the weekend, there are still 7 teams alive and in the hunt for a premiership.

Steinepreis A-Grade

University 14.14 98 def Scarborough 5.5 35

Round 18 saw us at home playing Scarborough, the reigning A grade premiers . It was really Round 16 because we had two covid interrupted byes when, coincidentally, we missed playing our old traditional rivals Wembley which not only cost the old boys two always much anticipated and well attended booze ups at the G and at Pat Goodridge respectively, but given Wembley’s position at the cellar of the A Grade ladder, probably meant we missed out on two games where we would have started clear favourites. But as a I have said before, a favourite saying of an old boss of mine was “ Jim, if your Aunty had balls she would be your uncle!” The equation was quite simple.

Going into the game in 5th spot we needed Kingsway to lose and us to win by about 4 goals more than CBC and we would jump to third. If Kingsway won against TA’s, we needed to win and beat Scabs by 4 goals more that CBC beat North Freo in the “Wharfies” Derby at Gil Fraser in order for us to jump to 4th and host a home final at the G in week 1. The boys were highly motivated by this equation. Kingsway got it and did their bit to stuff us by winning and finish third. Either the equation was a bit too complicated for the CBC boys or good old North Freo did us a massive favour by kicking the last 4 goals of their match thus reducing their losing margin to less than 4 goals and we did our bit winning by 63 points with the resultant wrap up being Curtin Wesley finished top and earnt the bye, Beach second and a home qualifying final versus Kingsway and Uni fourth to host CBC at the G in the cutthroat elimination final this weekend. So well done boys and well done to coach Macdonald and his assistant Day who have been very good on message all year with the Green Machine earning another finals spot in A Grade and a chance at increasing their record tally to 21 A Grade premierships this year which is well ahead of Wembley who are next with 14 and unfortunately for them, headed back to the Bumble B’s next year.

Our performance was consistently good all afternoon starting like a “Bondi Tram” kicking seven goals to one in the first term and outscoring Scabs 7 goals to 4 after that to win 14-14-98 to 5-5-35 , even taking into account Scarborough being awarded a goal three minutes after the final siren sounded!! Matt Davies, fresh after a week in Broome, kicked six goals, West, “Silk” Evans and Trombie kicked two each and there were singles to “Doc” Blakely and young gun Sam Monkhouse. Best for the day were; Davies West Ben Culloton O’Hara Taylor Evans Blakely Massive game this week for Uni in the A Grade. In fact it’s a massive weekend for the whole club. The A Ressie’s have a cut throat elimination final as well at the G at 12.30pm and the A Colts have a double chance with a qualifying final , alongside the C Gulls in a Super Saturday Double Header at Beach. Also up are the Pirates and the Mutts along with the Peacocks in cut throat finals so all in all, a massive SUPER DOOBER Saturday for the UFC. Having won our 101th overall flag last year (Pirates), which includes 4 flags in the Metropolitan League in the 1950’s, we now sit on 97 WAAFL/Perth Football League premierships (Wembley second with 51, North Freo third on 45). It would be great to see, of the seven Uni teams left in the finals, if and if so, which one will win our 100th Perth Football League premiership. Good luck to all and what I would really like is all seven teams winning, in the process breaking all PFL records and the UFC ending up with 104 PFL flags by 5pm on the 18th September 2021! Good luck to all teams and Go Uni.

4 Pines A-Reserves

University 5.5 35 def by Scarborough 6.2 38

Phil Scott Colts

University 18.4 112 def Scarborough 4.1 25

Brewhub C5-Grade Pirates

University 8.8 56 def Fremantle CBC 4.5 29

The Pirates have overcome Fremantle CBC for the second week in a row at Morris Buzzacott with a strong 29 point victory on Saturday afternoon. The boys were full of confidence having knocked off CBC the Friday night prior, but counted the costs of the win last week. The injuries sustained last game resulted in the Pirates having to call upon a few Dingo legends to help out. This came in the form of Fido, Jerk, Demon and Wheel Barrow.

The message pre-game was to embrace the challenge on the road once again, as this group had gone 7-1 on the road this season. This message seemed to resonate the boys who came out very physically against the big bodied CBC. At times the reward was not seen, but with Jordie May proving very dangerous up forward the Pirates took a 2 goal lead into the first break.

The challenge was to maintain the energy and the boys responded kicking 3 goals to 0 in the second. Michael Nelmes presentation was brilliant, Harry Don was throwing himself at the contest, Jerk was epic in the midfield and Pat was the GOAT. The lead of 5 goals at the main break gave the boys some great confidence.

But the boys knew CBC would come out firing after a rev up from their coach. The backline led by Skaz, Blackers and Senior steadied this, and despite CBC having a lot of entries did not capitalist on these chances. The lead of 26 going into the last quarter was a great result.

From there the boys added 2 in a row and then CBC responded with 2 late to bring the margin back down to 29. It was an excellent performance from a team that has grown since the defeat to Wanneroo. The first half was a great bar for the group to meet and the challenge will be there for us to do so going forward.

Next week we go put our snouts back in the trough against TAs at the shoe box, as these road warriors look to go 9-1 on the road and win our 5th on the trot. If we bring that intensity around the contest and take advantage of our chances I have no doubt we will be very competitive against those Boomers.

Goals – May & Nelmes (2); Con, Harry Don, Pat Don & Demon (1)

Votes – Goat (5); Harry Don and Jerk (4); Blackers & Nelma (3); Fido & Pooley (2); Frenchy & Demon (1)


Brett Jones Colts C-Gulls

Finals Bye (Finished in 1st place)

Subi Hotel E1-Grade Mutts

University 12.3 75 def Collegians 3.5 23

Given our past two meetings with Collies had resulted in 64 and 26 point losses, the bookies had Uni as rank outsiders for our Qualifying final. What transpired at David Cruickshank reserve shook up the finals and hinted that Mutt spirit can’t be leashed up.

From the moment the first siren blew manic pressure and determined tackling was seen across the lines from Uni. The backline held firm against early entries and Quince kicked the first two. Theo then calmly slotted our third (while we kept Collies scoreless) after the quarter time blower to confirm that momentum was in the Mutts corner.

We reset at the break and took the mindset that scores were back to nil all. It was a Mutt clinic in the second as the midfield and forward line dominated and gave the chance for the backs to intercept anything that came their way. Chook was dominant all day in this regard. The on ball (consisting of Kouta, Sauce, Dano, Kable, Theo and Fras) and wing brigade (Ari, Brooka and Rob) were all relentless with their attack on the Burley and resoundingly beat a really strong Collies midfield. Blakey and Gaulty were working hard up the ground and creating headaches, Quince was putting on a show for young and old and Brez was kicking snags worthy of the double cobras they were met with. The margin was stretched out to 9 goals at the main break to put the result largely beyond doubt.

The second half was much of the same from the zoned-in Uni boys – ferocious. Brerrington decided to add another highlight – selling one of the juiciest hot dogs I’ve seen in the flesh to walk into an open goal. Quince left Collies scrambling as he ended up with 6 snags and the same number of direct opponents. The whole side showed up for each other and we played with spirit and confidence as a result.

All focus now turns to Wembley at Pat Goodridge for a spot in the grandy.

Steinepreis C4-Grade Women Peacocks

University 4.6 30 def Wanneroo 1.0 6

Saturday was a historic day for the Peacocks, with the first finals victory and first final ticked off the footy bucket list. Captain Britt lost the toss, which saw the girls kicking into a stiff breeze first up. An even first quarter saw the sides level with one goal apiece at quarter time.

Wanneroo kicked things up a notch in the second quarter, but General McDonald and her loyal deputies Wege and Bunny were up for the challenge. Despite keeping the ball in their territory for the first 10 minutes of the second term, and co were able to repel the repeat inside 50 entries. The tide then turned and Uni hit the scoreboard with a second goal to lead at half time.

Momentum was well truly with Uni in the second half, with six scoring shots to nil being registered the Peacock’s way. An incredible set shot from Buzz Honey (40 meters out on the impossible angle) being the highlight, bringing about the biggest team cele C4 women’s football has ever seen. The Wanneroo girls did not go out without a fight, with brave lose woman in defence Morgan and vic captain Tags suffering head injuries during the third quarter.

The Uni girls never put the cue in the rack and it was only some desperate Wanneroo defence and a couple of shots that hit the post that kept the score from well and truly blowing out. Some minor ball movement adjustments in the midfield and half forward line provided the forwards with much more time and space than they were affording in the qualifying final. Betty Hepburn, Phoebs, Gigi and Lily lead the way, each providing the forwards with multiple opportunities. Cristabel Cole, a first year player, presented like a veteran full forward, leading to dangerous areas and converting her long range set shot straight through the middle.

With a finals W under the belt and a newfound sense of confidence, the Peacocks will return to City Beach Oval this week to play off against traditional rivals West Coast for a spot in the match they play in first Saturday of September.