Vale Ross Banfield

Past UFC club captain, Ross Banfield, passed away peacefully on Sunday the 15th of August.

Ross played for University in the early to mid-seventies, was Captain of A Grade in 1972 and played in an A Grade Premiership in 1975.

He played alongside his brother Greg in 1971. The season featured the infamous McGillvray sheep bbq at their city house in South Perth which has been talked about at length on many, many occasions over the years.

His sons Tim and Drew both went onto play A Grade for the UFC. They returned for one year in 2011 to be members of the UFC A Reserves Premiership, a year when A Grade were also Premiers.

In 2012 Ross, Greg, Tim and Drew all played together in the annual UFC old boys match. Ross was about 65 and still moved beautifully across the half-back line, being hard at the footy, loving being back in a UFC jumper and playing with his brother and two sons.

He loved his time at the UFC and always spoke so highly of the club, of the good times and of the lifelong mates he made.

Ross’s funeral is being held at 1.30pm at the Scotch College Chapel this Monday 23rd August.