Simon McDonald Appointed Uni A-Grade Coach For 2021

University Football Club (UFC) today confirms the appointment of Simon McDonald as A-Grade coach for the 2021 season.

Simon “Weaps” McDonald is a stalwart of the UFC, with an illustrious coaching career so far, yielding four premierships with the A Colts and numerous finals appearances with the A Reserves, he is primed to take on the role as A-Grade coach.

UFC president Dwayne Lake said: “We are super excited to have someone with Simon’s passion and experience on board for next year and beyond.”

The club also confirms that Louis McAuliffe will become A Reserves coach after several seasons in charge of the A Colts.

McAuliffe will be supported by Greg Shine as A Reserves assistant coach.

The club also will confirm the commencement of training for the 2021 season for both men’s and women’s programmes in the near future.