Round 11

Steinepreis A-Grade

University 15.9 99 defeated North Fremantle 7.6 48

Match Report by Jim Malone

 Anyway wishful thinking and in all seriousness let’s hope we can play out the year because the A Grade are improving and I think if we can get our best team on the field we can have a real shot at things come finals time. We played North Fremantle at the G and despite a slow start and a number of injuries we had a solid 51 point win and kicked our highest score of the year. There were a couple of highlights , club great, multiple A Grade Premiership player, former President and father of the year Dwaine Lake played game 150. Just about every one of these would have most likely have been in the A Grade. He is a club legend. Jack Durward played game 100; well done Jackie and young Colt Lachie “ Bull “ McKay made his A Grade debut .

We started slowly but stormed home in Q1 with five goals to lead at quarter time 5.0 to 1.1 . Trombetta had four by quarter time and was brilliant. The Bull kicked a nice goal with one of his first kicks in A Grade to settle the nerves. The Magpies fought back in the second kicking with the wind but Big Doc Blakely, who couldn’t catch a cold in the first quarter and a half, clunked one and scored so we maintained the lead at the long break.

The Magpies kicked the first two of the third quarter and got within two points and thinks were looking a little “squeaky bum”, until the lads switched into top gear kicking 9 goals to one and winning 15.9-99 to 7.6- 48, a margin of 51 points. The goals flowed after the ten minute mark of Q3 with Blakely kicking three, Trombetta adding another to end up with 5, Bull getting three on debut ,Nath Stewart kicking a wonderful goal in the third to cap of a fantastic game by the veteran, Giles Dent kicking a good long range goal and the Slicer , Gajewski nailing two last term goals. Good players were numerous with Basha Ashford playing well until injured, Tommy Betola terrific and got through a game without nearly killing one of the opposition , Blakely solid with three goals, Culloton his usual busy self, running himself senseless in the workhorse role. Davis was very good in the mid field and turned the game. Dent was dangerous and tacked hard, Evans was very serviceable (as usual) , Fitzgerald played a great game.

Harding Lake, Mantaras, the Bull, Bogus Taylor and Bread Wilson were a dominant midfield, albeit hand fed by a brilliant rucking performance by Big Hamish Murray and the backline was its usual solid self only allowing in seven goals for the game. Bertola, Conti in the best game of his career, Evans, Ben Fitzgerald , Timmy O’Hara, Nat Stewart and Darcy Thompson rounded out an excellent performance. Special mention to young Max “Bluey” Mussared, who in just his second A Grade game got absolutely shit mixed and was out cold for a few minutes. Terribly courageous as we would expect from young Blue but he didn’t see a lot of the game and will miss next week as well.

Anyway fingers crossed we play next week, always good to win the Leif Allen game in memory of the little champ of a bloke who we lost so tragically all those years ago and well done to the rest of the teams for their efforts.


Tombetta (5), Blakely, Mckay (3), Gajewski (2), Stewart, Dent (1)


Harding (5), Trombetta (4), Bull McKay, Davis (3), Murray, Nathan Stewart (2), Conti (1)


4 Pines A-Reserves

University 8.7 55 defeated North Fremantle 4.8 32

It was a glorious day at the McG as the Ressies took on North Freo. There was plenty to play for with it not only being Laef Allen Round, but A stream stalwart Jack Durward’s 100th game for the club. 

Uni started brilliantly and played some of the best football we’ve produced this year, with the side showing off their skills through some fast run and carry. Nathan Pearce opened Uni’s account with a 50m drop punt on the run, and the side quickly piled on a few more.

The dominance continued in the second quarter, until a frenetic run of injuries took place, with the side suddenly being reduced to having no fit players available on the bench. Coach Shine and Mcauliffe frantically moved the magnets around to reposition the line up, with the ship steadied at half time with Uni holding a 6 goal wind. There was much discussion at the half time break about the importance of remaining focused and disciplined with a depleted line up, as North Freo are known to get their tail up and score quickly.

Dan Hug was thrown on the ball and was fantastic in the second half, getting man handled at every stoppage but dominating the play. Sam Monkhouse, Sam West and Pearce all toiled hard without any on ball rotations. The backline were under the pump for much of the second half, with Captain Culloton keeping a cool head alongside his trusty companions in T-Ferg, Evans and Watson. Special mention also goes to young Tom ‘Turbo’ Lawson who made is debut and was rock solid in defence all day.

North Freo managed to outscore us in the second half, but the boys showed great character to fight out the game, with the result being sealed by a floating snap from the boundary by Nic Simpson.

Special mention also goes to former President and all round nice guy Duavin Lake for playing his 150th game for the club!

Uni 8.7 dft North Fremantle 4.8

Best: Hug, S Monkhouse, Pearce, West, Culloton, Mitchell, Morfesse, Ferguson, Bennett, Lawson


Phil Scott Colts

University 19.15 129 North Fremantle 2.2 14

As you can probably see, the a-colts gents slaughtered the North Fremantle boys from pillar to post for the entire game. It started off as actually a decent game, with the University boys only going into the first break 2 goals in the clear. After the break had ended, I’m not sure whether the North Fremantle team stopped trying or their lack of skill shone through, it possibly could have been a combination of the two, however the university gents went on to win the next 3 quarters by 100 points and really cement themselves as a serious team heading into the back end of the season. The university boys have really shown serious improvement from the first two games of the season, we lost to trinity aquinas and only beat North Fremantle by 30 in the first two matches. Flash 10 weeks into the future and we beat Trinity Aquinas with half a team and just taught the players at North Fremantle how a football is supposed to be kicked.

Bring on the last 6 games and finals! Go UNI!


Brewhub C5-Grade Pirates

University 4.2 26 de by North Beach 11.15 81

The Pirates went down on the weekend to a very strong North Beach side at McG 2 on Saturday. With the injury bug continuing to have its grip over the club the Pirates were forced to dig deep into recent pirate royalty. Senior, Brad Mumf and Fossil all came into the side, with impressive Colta Lowey joining as well.

The first quarter was a seesawing affair which saw the Pirates match it with the undefeated Beach. Beach certainly had their opportunities, but a resilient backline made it hard work for the men from the north. Bailsy and the mids were particularly useful in this period.

The second quarter went much the same as the first, with the Pirates hanging in there right until the main break, only being down by 9 going at the half time break.

Unfortunately for the Pirates, Beach got on a run in the third and a small lapse made life extremely hard for the Pirates. In the end Beach ran out the winners, but the effort from the undermanned group cannot be questioned. Harry Don was our best on, another terrific performance, with Gus Garland playing another impressive game down back.

The wretched virus has restricted our ability to travel to the wonderful pastures of Baldivis, but hopefully we’ll be on the track sooner rather than later. Otherwise, stay safe to everyone at the UF and beyond.

Goals – Smally (2); Mayo & Fossil (1)

Votes – H Don (5); Gussy (4); Bails & Scooter (3); Senior & Mayo (2); Pat Don, Fossil & Ado (1)



BDO C5-Reserves Dingoes

University 4.6 30 de by North Beach 15.5 95

The Dingoes faced North Beach in Laef Allen Round at MCG 2. Always an important game on the Dingoes calendar, it was fantastic to see the players, alumni and supporters get around the Beyond Blue fundraiser and use the occasion to start a conversation around men’s mental health.  An impassioned speech before the game by Erk Dog stressed the importance of putting your hand up when you need a bit of help and getting around your mates in their hour of need. 

The speech was well-received, and the Dingoes started the game on fire, dominating the early contests. Unfortunately, the Dings couldn’t capitalise on their fast start, and the top-of-the-table North Beach were slick on the counter, converting their early chances. The Dingoes battled hard all day, and North Beach kicked everything going forward, making the game look more one-sided than it was. There were some notable individual efforts; the Morey Eel was best on, never losing a contest, while the midfield in Goody, Mazzo and Jerk won more than their fair share of contested balls. Eamonn played a full game despite destroying his ankle in the first three minutes, manfully dragging his bad leg behind him like Catta skinny-dipping, while Twiggy was superb throughout, despite playing an unfamiliar role at CHB.

Overall, never fun to lose to the Charles Riley Rats, but even more egregious, the spicy cough has leaked over the border, and the Baldivis Bussie might have to be cancelled! But as my spiritual brothers always tell me; God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers – the Dings will rise again!

Votes: 5 Morey, 4 Mazzo Goody, 3 Jerk, 2 Demon Twigg Blakey,1 Palmos Sammy


Brett Jones Colts C-Gulls

16.21 117 def Wanneroo 1.3 9


Subi Hotel E1-Grade Mutts

 University 11.12 78 def Coolbellup 6.8 44


Crossing Law A-Grade Women Stormers

University 3.7 25 def by Rossmoyne 4.5 29

The UWA Stormers will be forced back to the drawing board this week after failing to escape Rhino stampede escape, mounting a late comeback but ultimately unable to overcome Rossmoyne in a four-point thriller James Oval. 

Gunning for their sixth straight win of the season, everything looked to be going UWA’s way early when the Stormers kicked the first goal of the day within the first two minutes. 

But the hot start ultimately proved a false dawn, the match quickly descending into a tense arm wrestle as Rossmoyne hit back with their first of the game. 

The Rhinos pulled ahead in the second quarter but thanks to the aerial dominance of Tess ‘Gary’ Lyons (pictured), UWA were able to remain in touch with some strong clearance work. 

As the pressure went up a notch, so did Rossmoyne’s physicality which tbh is expected when your suburb is literally bordered by BULL creek and LEACH highway. 

The Rhinos aggression was typified by one incident in the second quarter whereby yours truly milked a 100m penalty. 

Throwing myself at the contest, I received a high free kick for a nice little slap in the face. 

But the Rossmoyne player continued to stand over the ball, so I gave her a nice little push to free the ball from her reach, only for her to come back and have another crack at me, signalling the first 50m penalty and adding a second when she abused the umpire on the jog down. 

But due to James Ovals’ already small stature, I reckon the umpire only gave me 60 of those 100 metres – still no excuse for absolutely spraying a rare shot on goal. 

When Rossmoyne kicked their third during the premiership quarter and added a fourth shortly into the final quarter, the task for UWA to fight back looked near impossible. 

Enter Hanna Dethlefsen. The full forward literally got on her bike and kicked two goals in quick succession to triple UWA’s total and bring the game within one kick. 

With minutes to play, the game reached yet another level as every bump, tackle and one percenter had bearing on the final result. 

The previously mentioned Mittsy dislocated her finger in one memorable contest just outside forward 50, only to recover quicker than you can rev a motorbike to take her kick. 

Seconds later, a Rossmoyne player suffered a broken hand thanks to an errant UWA boot which ended her afternoon and sorry WHO’S the western suburbs bitches now #HannaisTUFF

But for all of our efforts, the clock was too much to overcome and the Stormers had to settle for a 4.5 (29) to 3.7 (25) loss. 

We’ll get them and their eight WAFLW players next time….


Steinepreis C4-Grade Women Peacocks

University 7.4 46 def Rossmoyne 1.0 6

The Peacocks returned to James Oval after a couple of tough losses in a row.  The Rhinos have a reputation for being as tough as their namesakes, so the Uni girls new they would have to be on early, or face the prospect of falling victim to a Rossmoyne stampede.

With our forward line depleted due to injury and illness, it was up to stand in skipper and usual backline general Soph McDonald was swung up forward with immediate success. Rossmoyne made several forward entries, but Bunny, Wedgie and co repelled the Rhino’s every attempt to score.  Soph’s straight set shot and Ellary’s long bomb from outside the (40 meter) arc saw the Peacocks take an early two goal lead.

The Peacocks dominated the second term with little success on the scoreboard.  A highly congested game saw contested ball animals Big B Mellor, Jess and Prudy do what they do best. Ellary continued her career renaissance as in inside midfield continued, winning heaps of the ball and laying some bone crunching bumps and tackles.  Julia didn’t hold back in her first game back from injury, zipping in and out of packs while also helping her mates out with textbook shepherds. The stand in skipper added a second major to her tally, but the Peacocks only extended their lead by one goal in the third quarter.

The Peacocks slightly adjusted its structure, which granted the forwards much more time and space. Betty kicked two goals in a heroic effort, having a broken ankle and waking up to 13 missed calls from Dave asking if she wanted to be a late inclusion in the side. Soph and Julia each kicked a goal as the Peacocks went into the final break with a seven goal lead. 

The fact that the majority of the Uni girls were either half injured, ill or were playing their first game of the year (well done to the two Tashes for playing their first game of 2021!) meant that Uni didn’t have much left in the tank in the final term.  To make matters worse, injuries to brave soldiers Gracie and Tracey saw the bench depleted to two.  The walking wounded didn’t let up in the final term, failing to score and conceding a goal, but refusing to let up on the physicality or effort. Special shout outs go to Big B (who played 100% game time), Tor (who was battling illness but played every key position on the ground) and Sarah Brown (who rucked almost all day long despite a broken thumb and snapped achilleas). 

Subject to social distancing measures, Uni gets the chance to take on traditional rivals West Coast at City Beach Oval for the chance to reclaim the Best of the West Cup.

Best: Ellary, Big B, Bunny, Soph, Browny

Goals: 3 – Soph 2 – Betty 1 – Julia, Ellary